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Paul Bettany sounds like a great guy.


James, are you tired of using that fake accent all the time? (x)


"It feels different coming in and Lamps not being sat next to me. We have sat next to each other in the changing room since… well, since he signed for the club really. I’ve become really close to Lamps and Ash and they were my two best mates at the club. So I’m really sad to see arguably the best player the club has ever had, in Lamps, move on, for what he brought to the dressing room and as a mate. You understand that you all get older, but you just hope that point doesn’t come."

John Terry (x)


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Omg i cant handle this much thundershield ahhhhshjshskaks

thundershieldavengers2 »

I have to say i cant wait shhdjsbbfhwhajakdn

The Grand Budapest Hotel (dir. by Wes Anderson, 2014)

the grand budapest hotel

the grand budapest hotel + chapters

the grand budapest hotel
the grand budapest hotelsuch a good movie


The X-Men and their secret identities.

Is that how you spell 'phoenix'


"Where are we going?"
"The future."

bucky bear
la decimahad too much alcohol
finallyFINALLYla decima

just came back from DOFP

and lol same old brian singer, jfc.